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Complete On-Site Mobile Fuel Polishing & Tank Cleaning Services

USA Fuel Service, LLC is one of the nation’s largest professional fuel polishing/tank cleaning companies and fuel additive producers.

We are home based in Florida with branch locations in FL, NC, VA, MD, RI, OH, & TX. We provide complete on-site mobile fuel polishing & tank cleaning services for:


We developed a new advanced tank cleaning method that is safe and 99% effective. We can usually save/rejuvenate stored fuels that most other companies pump out for disposal. We service above & below ground tanks with fuels including GASOLINE and GASOLINE BLENDS of E10 to E85, DIESEL and BIO-DIESEL. We offer lab testing and on site emissions (exhaust opacity) testing to ensure your diesel engines meet the latest new 2015 EPA standards for tier-1 through tier-4 engines. (See “Services”)

We are a leading producer of state-of-the-art industrial strength fuel additives, “GAS-SHOK” for gasolines and “DESL-SHOK” for diesel. Our products will stop ethanol problems, clean your tank, injectors and fuel system, prevent varnish & sludge, add lubrication, reduce emissions, eliminate water issues, increase economy and stabilize fuels for 12-18 months. (See “Fuel Treatments”)


Most other fuel polishing companies only clean diesel fuel and use a two-step system. They either filter your fuel which does not effectively remove the sludge and water trapped behind baffles and stuck to the side walls of the tank or they pump all the fuel out for disposal. Therefore when you put new fuel in the agitation loosens some of the crud stuck to the sidewalls and the problem starts all over again. Then you realize you have wasted your money and your fuel.

USA FUEL SERVICE developed an advanced four-step system.

(1) We first pump out the water, sludge and crud from the tank bottom for disposal.

(2) Then we filter your remaining fuel with a two stage system.

(3) While we are filtering we inject proven safe chemical cleaners to dissolve and remove varnish, sludge and crud from tank walls and from behind baffles in the tank.

(4) Last we rejuvenate your fuel by adding an algaecide, booster, lubricant, water absorber & stabilizer. Our proprietary system usually saves 70-90% of the old fuel and makes it safe to use in your engine(s). (All jobs get the full additive package)

We don’t just treat the symptoms by merely filtering or disposing of fuels. We clean the fuel and the tank which is the actual cause of the problem. Our state-of-the-art system dramatically reduces the loss of you expensive fuel and prevents engine down time and damage which saves you time and money. We use the latest state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and chemical tank cleaners developed in-house by our ongoing R&D program. (Over 40-years’ experience)

Call toll free 866-575-FUEL (3835) for a free consultation!!

  • After a full summer of ethanol gas problems I finally found a product that stopped them and made my engine run like it is suppose to. I will never use anything but Gas-Shok from now on.
    USA Fuel Service
    Capt Stan · Virginia Beach, Viginia
  • I am very satisfied with USA Fuel Service tank cleaning and there is no better product than their Desl-Shok.
    USA Fuel Service
    Capt Ben-G · Ocean City, Maryland
  • I had my tank cleaned by USA Fuel Service, they save most of the old fuel for me and the Desl-Shok product has stopped my problems with water and algae. The black smoke disappeared and I use less fuel. Bottom line is it works!
    USA Fuel Service
    Capt. John-S · Port Charlotte Florida
  • I was surprised to find USA Fuel Service had the answer we needed to solve ethanol fuel issues for our customers. We use their exclusive system in our shop to clean tanks and their “Gas-Shok” product has proven to be the best fuel additive to prevent future problems after we are done. It works great and our customers love it. Thanks, Tim
    USA Fuel Service
    Gordon Devasto · Central Florida Marine · Orlando, Florida
  • Hi, Just wanted to say how thankful I am now that my boat runs the way it should. I have been experiencing fuel starvation problems, particularly when mooring the boat in tight spots after a long day cruising. I'm no longer stricken with anxiety from a boat engine stalling when I need it the most! Thanks again!
    USA Fuel Service
    Justin Crandall · Aqueous Humor · Norfolk, Virginia Distributor
  • The first two days of working on boats we generated over $3,000 in gross sales.
    USA Fuel Service
    Salsbury, Maryland, Distributor
  • Thanks Tim, I love this business, my clients include, The Coast Guard, Army Corp of engineers, SeaTow, Pirates Cove Marina. (Dave D.)
    USA Fuel Service
    Northeast North Carolina Distributor
  • It's great to make a profit the first month in business. Every month just gets better and more profitable. (Dave T.)
    USA Fuel Service
    Virginia Beach, Virginia Distributor

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