Commercial Fuel Management Services

USA FUEL SERVICE LLC is the first company to offer a nationwide fuel management program that is guaranteed to solve existing fuel issues and prevent them in the future. Our new system consists of an initial inspection and tank cleaning/fuel polishing if necessary. We then add a comprehensive fuel additive package that will keep tanks clean and free of algae, water, sludge and solids. Our tank cleaning services are state-of-the-art and our chemicals have been tested and certified by independent lab. (The additive package consists of a cleaner, biocide, booster, lubricant, water absorber and stabilizer)

Following the initial tank cleaning and fuel polishing we offer our high volume fuel accounts a “Four-Star” comprehensive fuel management program that includes pretreating your fuels before delivery. We offer continuous monitoring/testing of your tanks and fuel with full reporting. USA Fuel Service LLC 100% guarantees our “Four-Star” fuel management program with a new unprecedented warranty.

If you have a fuel quality issue from any tank in the fuel management program resulting from algae, sludge, water, or solids we will clean and service the tank and fuel “FREE OF CHARGE” for as long as the tank is in our program.

We are a one stop source for ending your fuel quality issues. Our proprietary fuel additives will keep tanks, equipment and fuel systems clean and problem free. We will increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs for generators, boats, heavy equipment and truck fleets. We can significantly increase reliability and reduce down time and maintenance expense.

Our mobile fuel service units provide national coverage from our main office or any of our branches in TX, RI, MD, VA, NC, Ohio or FL. (Soon to be in MS & NV)

Our services include:

  • Vacuum water and sludge from the tank bottom. (Removed for disposal)
  • Clean tank bottom & walls & polish fuel with a multi-stage system. (Water/fuel/solids separation)
  • Chemically clean interior of tanks and entire fuel systems. (Little to no downtime)
  • Semi-annual onsite tank tests for water, solids and microbes.
  • Annual comprehensive fuel testing/analysis provided by certified independent labs.
  • Available onsite equipment testing for exhaust particulate emissions in states where required. (smoke, per government J1667 testing procedure)
  • Semi-annual reports that include photos, onsite water & microbe fuel test results, and technicians observations (historical data maintained for 5-years)
  • A state-of the-art fuel additive package stabilizes stored fuels, prevents algae and water accumulation, adds lubricity, increases efficiency and reduces emissions. (No alcohols or acids in formulation)
  • Our processes and chemicals will not harm engine or fuel system components or affect warranties
  • Chemical engineer and engine and fuel experts on staff for consultations.

In summary, you can choose the program as outlined or we can develop a custom program to fit your needs. For more information call Tim Dutcher for a free consultation.



Call toll free (866) 575-fuel (3835) | www.usafuelservice .com

  • After a full summer of ethanol gas problems I finally found a product that stopped them and made my engine run like it is suppose to. I will never use anything but Gas-Shok from now on.
    USA Fuel Service
    Capt Stan · Virginia Beach, Viginia
  • I am very satisfied with USA Fuel Service tank cleaning and there is no better product than their Desl-Shok.
    USA Fuel Service
    Capt Ben-G · Ocean City, Maryland
  • I had my tank cleaned by USA Fuel Service, they save most of the old fuel for me and the Desl-Shok product has stopped my problems with water and algae. The black smoke disappeared and I use less fuel. Bottom line is it works!
    USA Fuel Service
    Capt. John-S · Port Charlotte Florida
  • I was surprised to find USA Fuel Service had the answer we needed to solve ethanol fuel issues for our customers. We use their exclusive system in our shop to clean tanks and their “Gas-Shok” product has proven to be the best fuel additive to prevent future problems after we are done. It works great and our customers love it. Thanks, Tim
    USA Fuel Service
    Gordon Devasto · Central Florida Marine · Orlando, Florida
  • Hi, Just wanted to say how thankful I am now that my boat runs the way it should. I have been experiencing fuel starvation problems, particularly when mooring the boat in tight spots after a long day cruising. I'm no longer stricken with anxiety from a boat engine stalling when I need it the most! Thanks again!
    USA Fuel Service
    Justin Crandall · Aqueous Humor · Norfolk, Virginia Distributor
  • The first two days of working on boats we generated over $3,000 in gross sales.
    USA Fuel Service
    Salsbury, Maryland, Distributor
  • Thanks Tim, I love this business, my clients include, The Coast Guard, Army Corp of engineers, SeaTow, Pirates Cove Marina. (Dave D.)
    USA Fuel Service
    Northeast North Carolina Distributor
  • It's great to make a profit the first month in business. Every month just gets better and more profitable. (Dave T.)
    USA Fuel Service
    Virginia Beach, Virginia Distributor

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